Meta Now Requires Mandatory Age Confirmation on Quest Headsets

Meta announced it’s adding an obligatory age confirmation feature on the Quest platform, which in addition to asking you for your real birthday, could also put up a hard barrier on younger users accessing apps that aren’t age appropriate.

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from what I’ve read about some apps like VRChat it can only help VR alltogether. these kids in chatrooms which are intended for grownups seem to be … enerving… I plan to try VRChat too when my trackers arrive xD so it’s only good for me :smiley: (I’m father of two kids btw., so it’s no general anti-kids mood for me)

but it’s not fully helping when only one company (ok, it’s the biggest one with the most users imo) is doing this. this should be a “worldwide precondition for every HMD manufacturer” imo. I see mainly the grownups group here, which is negatively affected by kids freaking out, be it these kids reporting grownups just for fun resulting in a lockout / ban for this particular app or simply the crying and dumbsh!t-talking. I don’t know how I’d react to these kids, most likely it’d not be a constructive reaction lol… I could imagine to report them all, every single one hehe

but what would be needed then is a special area for kids. one cannot lock them out completely without offering alternatives imo. have fun realizing this, meta :slight_smile:

I need to clean my keyboard…

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