Ordered a quest 3. The wait is painful

anyone else picking one up?


I Imagine @john2910 might be getting one.

Here is a mild previrw of FoV values from Voodpode.

Source Reddit

I have enquired to see if his 8kX was set to Normal.

honestly i was not bothered by the quest 2 fov half as much as i thought i would be. All sins were forgiven for being so so simple to get running and run consistently, so seeing its a solid 10 degrees higher than quest 2 is a great bonus.

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FoV unless really low low shouldn’t be much of a bother depending on the individual.

I am curious on the subjective test as Voodoode confirmed his 8kX was on Large with him only preparing 130 wide.

BSB while has a great form factor but FoV decreases if you have a large ipd. And the upscaling deception. Only a minor upscaling but to get full res it is only 75hz.

oh god its fucking fantastic. this is literally going to be on my head 12 hours a day for work now.

Look forward to hearing your evaluation when your ready.

Lenses are fantastic, clear end to end, never had a non Fresnel headset so never experienced this. no screendoor effect that i can see. controllers feel great. tracking is rock solid. the hands only tracking is fantastic- feels like being tony stark. passthrough in adequate lighting is superb. gets spotty/grainy in dim lighting but you know… buy a lightbulb haha. little light leak around nose but never owned a headset that didn’t have that. strap is dogshit as you would expect. Premium chinese strap and knuckle controller covers on the way from china. i have no major complaints aside from fact it didn’t exist sooner and shop i had to get it from charged 30 over msrp.

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Awesome! Here is @Axacuatl eval on OpenzmR.

I took some Frequency Response measurements of the Quest 3 and Index Speakers

Posted By SupOrSalad on r/virtualreality

Quest 3


Porta Pro Measurements

Source Reddit

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Just ordered mine from Amazon. $649 cad, delivery tomorrow. :grin:

I really wanted to get the Big Screen beyond to replace the Reverb G2 and also for better compatibility with my vive trackers, but at $1449 I couldn’t justify it. (also their markup is not a fair usd-cad conversion).

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Yeah as a fellow Canuck often price conversions not very friendly.

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