Anbernic RG405M: New retro gaming handheld launches with OLED display for

Should Handhelds have there own Tag or is HW_General suffice?

If yes what do you recommend?

I vote for a “Handhelds” category.

It’s so cool to see handhelds coming back strong with the Switch, Steam Deck and a bunch of cool Asian brands. I own a Miyoo Mini v2 which is awesome for ps1 and snes but I would like a pocketable (same size as RG405M) ) that easily can do Gamecube emulation but we’re not quite there yet. Holidays or next year we’ll probably see that.

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Atm I have addded Handheld tag. If you goto your profile preferences you can tweak Tracking. If for example you want to have Handheld tags counts when you login for new content. Add Handheld to Tracked tags. If you want to be email notified about each handheld tag post put into Watched tags(don’t recommend as this was the issue when I had set Hardware, Software snd games to watched by default).

You can also add tags to muted tags if you have no interest in a particular tagged topics.

This is something I need to work on is forum documentation how-to guides on interface info.

I see I missed updating introducing the new tag.


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