Archery RED Looks Like Superhot VR With A Bow

Inspired by Superhot VR, Archery RED is a new action game coming to Steam today.

Developed by Simplicity Games, Archery RED sees you play as an archer across a single-player campaign or endless survival mode. Promising "realistic archery mechanics," that involves shooting obstacles alongside robotic enemies with "unique characteristics" and behaviors, all while dodging enemy arrows. Here's the trailer.

For the initial release, the studio confirms in a Steam FAQ that Archery RED will remain in early access "for 1-2 years" to implement changes based on player feedback. The current build includes the basic game mechanics and "a few levels" that are fully functional, while the finished version promises "an expanded shooting mechanic and a greater number of levels."

Archery RED arrives today on Steam Early Access, and you can download a free demo right now.

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