Audio Enhancements - Headphones

Audio Enhancements - Headphones

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1. Over looked Settings Increase Vol Dramatically! 2
. Audio Enhancing Programs 3

1. Overlooked Settings Increased Volume Dramatically!

July 30, 2020

By: Fresco

Since receiving my Pimax Vision 8kX I have had trouble with volume levels so added the Vive DAS temporary audio hack i had posted about previously but even though i found this much more acceptable i experienced a decrease in volume. So after checking found some overlooked settings in windows and Steam Vr. Just thought i would share, since i do not always find time to read every post on all issues this may help someone else if they experienced reduced audio levels.

These settings dramatically increased my audio volume levels experienced in the Pimax Vision 8kX.

Link to Source

2. Audio Enhancing Programs:

  • Improve Audio Sound Levels
  • Works well to fix USB Audio Devices Low Volume in Windows 10.

A) Apo Equalizer - Free!

B) Boom3d - Paid

C) Spatial Sound Card Software - Paid (Demo)

D) NX Waves - Paid (Demo)