Beat Saber Reveals OST 7 Is 'Coming Soon'

Beat Saber revealed a new music pack is "coming soon" with OST 7.

Three days after the fifth anniversary of its full release, Beat Games confirmed the next Beat Saber original soundtrack is on the way. Revealed through a brief teaser trailer, little else is known about what OST 7 will include and the video doesn't offer any obvious clues to upcoming songs, though previous OSTs have always been free for existing owners. We'll update this article when we learn more.

OST 7 marks the latest major update following December's OST 6, which included five songs from Lindsey Stirling, DragonForce, Camellia, Far Out and Boom Kitty. Notably, that update included an experimental Quest 3 performance toggle that let you pick 90Hz or 120Hz. Newly retextured obstacles offered visual quality and fidelity improvements, while the level editor received new quality-of-life features.

Since then, we've also seen two premium DLC packs arrive for all supported platforms. March introduced the Daft Punk music pack with a new environment inspired by Daft Punk's 'triangle' stage look and 10 songs, including live music for the first time. That was followed by a Hip Hop Mixtape in April, featuring songs from Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Nicki Minaj and more.

Beat Saber is out now on the Meta Quest platform, PC VR, PSVR and PlayStation VR2.

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