Blade & Sorcery: Nomad Likely Won't Get Quest 3 Upgrades

Blade & Sorcery: Nomad probably won't get a Quest 3 upgrade, according to the developer.

Following the Blade & Sorcery full release on Steam, Warpfrog's The Baron was recently interviewed by Stealth Optional. Touching upon the new campaign, mods, and chances of a PSVR 2 port, the developer was also asked if the Quest version - Blade & Sorcery: Nomad, will get a Quest 3 update. However, that seems unlikely as The Baron cited the additional upkeep this would require.

"As much as I wish there could be a Quest 3 standalone version of Nomad with improved graphics and is something in between current Nomad and PCVR, it would be madness because then there would be three versions of Blade and Sorcery to upkeep."

Elaborating further, The Baron states that any potential Nomad upgrades “would require the Quest 2 to improve its hardware." They also go on to praise Meta for its behind-the-scenes work, calling them "massive champions" in supporting VR game development.

"Meta often gets a ton of flak, but they are actually massive champions of VR behind the scenes that most people don't really see. They pour a ton of resources into VR development and offer some assistance for developers in the form of soft support."

As for what's next after Nomad's full release - which the studio previously stated would "take months as it is a mountain of work," the team is moving onto its next title. While it's still very early days, The Baron confirmed this next game and subsequent titles "will be supported by the same pillars of Warpfrog design; physics-based, immersive simulation, non-gamey design, sandbox (in the sense play as you like, you are not forced into our vision of fun), and mods!"

Blade & Sorcery is available now on Steam. Nomad is out in early access on Quest, and its full release is currently in development.

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