CES January 2024

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Marcin(SweViver) with Kevin Henderson & Joshua Son with Ingenious VR



Game changing self charging hmd.


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SlashGear’s Best Of CES 2024
Adam Doud/SlashGear
BY CHRIS DAVIES/JAN. 17, 2024 10:26 AM EST
It bills itself as the biggest technology show in the world, a melting pot of the latest and greatest in everything from TVs, wearables, and gadgets, through to automotive, autonomous driving, and bleeding-edge gaming. You’d be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by CES 2024, then, and the thousands of new products and ambitious startups filling Las Vegas for a week.

Luckily, SlashGear was on the ground in the many, many halls, booths, and private demos, keeping track of everything that might be worth opening your wallet for later in 2024. Our Best Of CES 2024 awards aren’t just about the shiniest tech or the very latest buzzwords. Instead, we’re all about highlighting the announcements that look set to make a meaningful difference in your life.

Best VR: Wireless Pimax Crystal
Dave McQuilling/SlashGear
Pimax has been operating at the high end of the consumer VR landscape for several years, offering industry-leading clarity and an extremely wide field of view. Other high-end features like eye tracking and arguably the highest resolution displays in consumer VR have also made its headsets stand out. But some lower-end headsets have always had one major technical advantage over Pimax’s efforts. The Meta Quest and its successors allowed for completely wireless play, both standalone and on PC."
SlashGear's Best Of CES 2024.

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Some 12k info from TallyMouse

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