Crystal enters the 12K Trade-in Program

We’re excited to announce a new initiative that allows our customers to trade in their Pimax Crystal headset for a substantial discount on the next flagship 12K QLED model.

Based on our survey findings, we’ve noted significant interest among our existing customers in the Pimax Crystal. However, many have been saving up for the 12K due to the absence of a trade-in program for the Crystal from the outset. We understand that you shouldn’t have to wait to experience the remarkable clarity offered by the Pimax Crystal, therefore we hereby announce the Crystal trade-in program.

How it works

Depending on the physical condition of the Crystal, customers who purchased the Crystal before December 31st, 2023, will receive up to $800 when they trade it in once the 12K is up for sale. This actually brings down the actual price for the Crystal by quite a lot because it already includes an investment of up to $800 for our next flagship, the 12K QLED, including first purchasing rights for real enthusiasts.

The trade-in program of course will be available for everyone who has purchased the Crystal already through us or an official reseller, as well as to those who will purchase it starting from now.

About the 12K Trade-In Program

The Trade-In program was launched in 2022 to allow Pimax owners to trade in their old headsets (such as the 5K and 8KX), and receive store credit. Old headsets will be recycled or refurbished before being given to a new owner.

The Pimax Crystal

Our flagship VR headset, the Pimax Crystal, starts from $1599 and is designed to provide an immersive VR experience. The headset features high-resolution QLED panels with mini-LED backlighting, aspheric glass lenses, and clarity. The headset features a wholly reimagined lens design, eliminating edge distortions, and refractions and giving you true edge-to-edge clarity.

Our new initiative is a great opportunity for customers who want to experience the highest-quality VR right now without having to wait for the next generation while still being able to upgrade to the next best device easily.

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