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Crystal Update June 30

Controller Tracking Issue:

This issue has been given high priority and is listed as a top-tier concern in our system. Our team is well aware of this known issue and has released a beta version aimed at improving the controllers performance. The release of the public version is imminent and will happen in the coming days. We are continuously working on refining it until it reaches perfection.

Eye Tracking/Auto-IPD/DFR Firmware Release:

We recently released the beta version of our firmware to our beta group and a few KOLs. The feedback we received indicates that the firmware has delivered significant performance increase. However, during this testing phase, we discovered a minor issue with the eye-tracking feature, which is causing glitches. Our main objective is to enhance the accuracy of this feature before making it accessible to the general public. We expect to release the improved version shortly.

Lighthouse Faceplate

The development progress of the faceplate is significant, and everything is progressing smoothly according to plan. We expect to have a demo of the faceplate available by Q3 followed by production phase.

Pimax Airlink Module (60G)

We are currently in the process of developing the module and expect to have a prototype available by the Q3.

Additional Lenses

Currently, we are actively involved in developing lenses with two distinct specifications. The first set of lenses provides a wide field of view (FOV) and a PPD value of 35. The second set, on the other hand, offers a higher PPD value of 42. We continuously collect users’ feedback and preferences. This feedback highlights the importance of considering and prioritizing this particular feature in product development or improvement efforts.

Audio Latency Issue:

Our software team has made attempts to fix it in previous beta patches. However, improving the audio quality became a priority over latency, as it had become unbearable. We are working on finding the right balance between audio quality and latency.

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