Disabling Intel’s Backdoors On Modern Laptops

Interesting security topic.

Intel ME is very necessary for companies with thousands of computers to manage. It’s actually a backdoor, or a bless, for system and network administrators.
The ME is supposed to be only available for computers inside a company, not outside. The laptops shouldn’t have that feature. Yeah, it’s a big security risk if enable.

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Sure in those types of environments something like this cam make sense. Even could be done with special versions of software.

I imagine laptops have this feature as a particular model might be used both in business and personal home use. So instead of making 2 versions of a laptop they make a universal model. Which like you said introduces big security risks for a general consumer.

Something like this imho should be an optional chip that can be installed or removed. If removed should require a new fresh install of the OS.

I have a friend whom has an Acer Laptop where he is locked out if the deeper bios settings. Unfortunately even the bios unlock methodes don’t work properly but was able to with some headaches install a new Linux OS for him. He had a previous Linux OS installed but needed a better one for his needs.

Since this laptop is older and has had a few owners not simple to get it properly unlocked. Though for his wants after looking at the Apu in it; is not what he needs to do a bit heavier game play as the Apu is limited to using only 1 gig of shared memory for graphics.

I was able to unlock the bios but not to the higher settings functions. This model is definitely more tailored to be more of a basic desktop with only light gaming. Skyrim is a no go.

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