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Dying Light

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1. VR No Revive or SteamVR! Pi/OC 2

1. VR - No Revive or SteamVR!

April 2019

By: park

  1. Go to the folder C:\Users\username\Documents\DyingLight\out\settings\

  2. Open up the file video.scr , add “OculusEnabled()” and save

  3. Create “steam_appid.txt” in the folder where Dying light is installed,
    add “239140” and save

  4. Import “DyingLightGame.exe” on pitool

  5. Start the Dying Light on pitool

  6. Option in game : off antialiasing

If oculus home is not installed, copying both files LibOVRRT32_1.dll and LibOVRRT64_1.dll(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1M11Zdytb_B3_r5v2oI5pr7ZCTKxdnam1 ) to the folder where game is installed will work.

video in game settings by SweViver