Early Access Tag Replaces App Lab On Meta Horizon Store From August 5

The Meta Horizon Store is launching August 5 with Early Access labels instead of App Lab.

Meta says it will make publicly discoverable all previously launched App Lab apps as well as those under development and review. Previously, App Lab projects were unlisted and could only be found by searching for their exact name, with the exception of a small number recently.

Developers can use a new Early Access label for apps migrating from existing App Lab release, or for new apps, to "tell potential customers that the app is not finalized, and they should expect changes." Reviews made of the app during Early Access will be labeled as an "Early Access review" as well.

Meta notes "disabling Early Access is an action you can’t undo, so if you decide to disable Early Access you won’t be able to reactivate it".

Meta still requires apps meet a number of "Virtual Reality Checks" to be distributed by the Horizon Store. One such VRC, for example, governs features allowed in apps like Virtual Desktop and Plutosphere, requiring apps "that stream stereoscopic, head-tracked or immersive content may only do so from a local PC that the customer has physical access to, unless expressly approved by Meta." Meta, meanwhile, continues testing its own cloud streaming service.

The launch comes as Meta is preparing to replace Quest 2 at the low end of its headset lineup with a much more capable chipset. Meta is also working with partners including Lenovo and ASUS on an assortment of headsets expected to run the same store and system, Meta Horizon OS.

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