Em3 Ether 9mm thin-vr-glasses-for-gaming-and-movies


Price js good though FoV is abysmal at 70°. Form factor gives Bigscreen a run for the money. Though have to read further to see if it sports imus and such.


  • 70° FoV
  • 3dof
  • 52 ppd
  • Micro Oled
  • 65 grams
  • 9mm thick
  • 2d/3d (not limited to VR can be used with non pc things)
  • Lens options for myopia and hyperopia.

At the price and ppd this could be a cool on the go screen for portables and mini pc monitor on the go!

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5K micro OLEd ! Though only 70 FOV, it seems to be a great gadget to have.


Indeed while the FoV is low the 52ppd, formfactor and price are definitely quite attractive. I’d definitely put in 9n my wishlist.

It would be interesting to have a ppd ttl comparison with the Aero and Crystal. I like the fact it is not restricted to VR use only.


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