Eternal Starlight: Oversee Space Battles On Apple Vision Pro

One of VR's most ambitious attempts at space fleet command arrives on Apple Vision Pro.

We've started looking at Eternal Starlight in TestFlight early access ahead of its June arrival on Apple's App Store, releasing officially June 3. The Vision Pro port lines up roughly three years after Eternal Starlight's official release on Steam and Quest Store.

The indie title from White Noise Games sees players given real-time command of an Ender's Game-like space fleet, faced with tasks FTL-style from multiple alien species as you "collect technology to upgrade your vessels and plot your next hyperspace jump while defending the remaining colonies of the human race."

There are skirmish and story modes to the tactical rogue-like real-time strategy title, which has been in development since 2016. Originally built for the HTC Vive and its wand controllers, recent releases on Quest added hand tracking and voice commands and White Noise Games tells us Quest 3 is likely to be the area of focus still. The new Apple Vision Pro version was created because "I'm willing to make the investment now and get something on the platform early."

I've just started diving into Eternal Starlight with eye gaze targeting ships across the 3D space field. With support in a single title for everything from precision-tracked controllers to hand tracking and voice commands, I'm curious to understand the differences between the input systems on different platforms. Alongside White Noise Games, we're also keen to see how hungry Apple Vision Pro buyers are for an FTL-like strategy game.

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