FRENZIES Is A New Multiplayer Shooter Coming To PSVR 2 & Quest

FRENZIES is a new "neon-drenched" PvP shooter by nDreams studio Near Light, and it's coming to Quest and PSVR 2.

The game promises a "chaotic" blend of traditional and unconventional solo and team-based multiplayer game modes for up to 12 players, including "Red Light, Green Light" and the inscrutably named 'Glitter Pig.' That involves zipping, dashing, sprinting and blasting your way through a series of randomised solo and team-based rounds. Here's the announcement trailer.

Paul Mottram, head of Near Light, says that FRENZIES has been inspired by legendary multiplayer FPS games like Quake and Unreal Tournament.

"We wanted to inject some unpredictable excitement back into the genre while retaining what makes VR shooters so special. We think FRENZIES nails that sweet spot."

    </figure><p>While a release date remains unconfirmed, we'll have our first chance to experience the game in its closed Alpha later this month. Players interested in participating in the closed Alpha may do so by registering interest via the <a href="" rel="noreferrer">FRENZIES Discord server</a>.</p> 

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