Hands-on Pimax Portal to be sent to the Youtuber ETA Prime

As originally posted on SweViver’s Unofficial r\pimax_portal Lots of great info there without inflation.

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Highlights posted by @JameJame on r/pimax_portal

Some thoughts.

  • It’s great to finally see this thing in VR finally
  • I’d like some real numbers on FOV, just eyeballing it is very hard and unlikely to be really accurate, surely its not 80.
  • I knew the one controller would have a problem with its joystick location, I don’t know why Pimax made the controllers like this knowing it would go in VR and be a problem.
  • Advertised PPD is 27, but Seb found it about the same as a Q2 or Pico4. At 27 it should have been massively more sharp looking than either of those units which only do about 20.
  • Reflection from the panel seems bad but if Pimax is aware of it and has a plan to fix it before release that’s fine and no big deal, but it’s not fine to let it ship like that.
  • It would have been nice to see a SteamVR game being demoed, are we still waiting on drivers for this?

Overall, it seems “ok”. I was hoping for better in terms of resolution at least, since Pimax has delivered on the advertised PPD for the Crystal, I did expect them to deliver on the Portal. I expected the FOV to be pretty narrow however, but I hope its at least 90 when properly measured in something like TestHMD. It’s nice the panel quality seems to be on point, but the other issues like the wonky controller and the actual PPD need to be address in some way.

Portal vs Nintendo Switch from Pimax Channel

Another good one

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