Huawei's new CPU matches Zen 3 in single-core performance - HiSilicon Taishan

Since Kirin 9000s chips are produced using SMIC’s second-generation 7nm node (which may make it illegal to sell internationally according to U.S. lawmakers)

What is legal and what is illegal ?
Huawei didn’t do anything to harm anyone, yet it’s still a threat to US national security…
ZPMC didn’t do anything as well, yet all their machines are being labelled as national threat and being taken down.
DJI was just making drones.
A even a weather balloon is not allowed.
Next time, maybe a bird from China is national threat as well.

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The US is quite interesting. For example even some forms encryption iirc is so to speak patented. Which in my mind is a bit ridiculous. How often done parents sole purpose is to slow progress

Been awhile but the encryption thing might not be correct.

The US politics campaigns are really being hostile towards China. Likely due to globalization as China has the capability to manufacture at lower costs.