I visited PIMAX Shanghai office and tried out Pimax Crystal - Quest 2 owner feedback 2024

Thanks to Pimax team, I had a chance to visit Pimax office in Shanghai and check out the latest advancements with Pimax Crystal and its’ accessories.

Long story short, my quick impressions:

  • Pimax team is legit, they know what they are doing and they value their users.
  • Pimax Crystal is amazing for what it is! It’s comfortable enough, the visuals are absolutely outstanding (great resolution, no screendoor effect, eye tracking works for a range of titles, good comfort; potentially wireless with Airlink being “work in progress”) and do provide unique experience to a seasoned VR user.
  • Pimax “early adopter” business practice is something to be aware of. You want it early in life cycle - be ready to tinker and wait (and tinker a tad more). You buy it later on when it’s polished - the experience is way smoother (but you gotta wait, of course, for that time to come).
  • Pimax is for heavy PCVR users, which mostly play cockpit sims (it’s PERFECT for that) or slower-paced VR games. VR shooters are fine unless it involves too much of head shaking; boxing games are less fun (but still doable) due to the headset size .

Feel free to ask me if you want to know anything else, I’m happy to help when I’m able to!

:reddit: Source r/pimax