Login to PIMAX shop

my login “unter compliance” maybe I did not order in a defined time (one year or more)?
Anyone faced the same issue?

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I haven’t but maybe @calvinyau or @JaapGrolleman might b able to look into this

Yesterday, the service seems to be down or defective, PW restet mail instead of seconds, after about an hour, 30min time limit was out.
Today could reset my password, could order, let´s see, if they can deliver.
By the way, main products out of stock (DMAS), even no 8KX available.
Need to care about mine as I can see no alternative yet. Ridiculous.

I will poke Calvin on a different channel as well to ensure he sees the post here.

As you told, Pimax is Pimax, so I just wait, if and when they deliver.
From my side no need to poke.
For the rest, I just assume, they are very busy to achive their internal goals, whatever they are.
Sales and marketing, customer care is just overrated :rofl:
I still hope, they can survive. but who knows.

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It shouldn’t happen, the system won’t automatically delete your account even if you haven’t made any orders within a specified timeframe.

Could you kindly send me the email address through private message?

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