Meta Quest 3 Sale Discounts 128 GB Model To $430

Meta Quest 3 with 128 GB of storage is $70 off its typical price on Amazon right now.

The deal pricing the headset at $429 is available at the time of this writing on Amazon. There's also the "play now, pay later" offer on Meta's own website for the same 128 GB model with two-year agreement on Affirm to pay $25 monthly with warranty and Quest+ subscription bundled.

While it's even easier to get into the Quest 3 ecosystem right now with the 128 GB Quest 3, Meta is also likely to announce a less expensive Quest 3S soon as stock depletes for the aging Quest 2, which was selling as low as $200 new.

The offers create a large pricing gap between the entry-level Quest 3 with 128 GB of storage and the higher cost model featuring 512 GB. The extra storage is likely to make a big difference over time as developers ship larger worlds.

This is unlikely to be the last deal we'll see for Meta headsets through the end of the year. Check back with us for the latest.

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