Meta returns to China!

I am so happy to see this news !

For a long long time, because of the political reasons, Facebook/Meta has been blocked by China, and many people who like to enjoy the best VR tech are blocked out.

Finally Chinese government has smartened up and opened the gate for Meta, which is way way over due.

At the same time, one can’t help but wondering: even the dictatorship-ruled Chinese government can be this open, why Americans become more and more close ? So many sanctions against successful Chinese companies already, and just recently the US prohibits NVIDIA from selling GPU to China again.
Now I cannot tell who has more tolerance of freedom, and who’s more narrow-minded.

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Problems for China may escalate if Nikki Haily(??) gets elected as USA President.

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It seems no matter who becomes the next president, the relationship between China and the US will only deteriorate. The only difference is how bad or how fast.
Right now it feels very strange that, while China is opening gates for companies they banned before, the U.S. is busy slamming doors.
Next year when Pico 5 is out, I hope U.S. hasn’t sanctioned it yet, so maybe I can still get a Pico 5 Pro Max. They are getting really close to being banned, because Bytedance sponsors them.

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