More questions than answers? | Massive Discount on the Varjo Aero VR Headset announced

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In addition to that, You have to pay an annual license fee, isn´t it? So, the price still is much higher…

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No annual fee to use it. However it requires to be online! There is an offline license that can be purchased looks to be a one time fee? Might be yearly kind of vague.

Definitely seems less of a good deal.

So, initial 1500 + annual fee of 500++ the next years and online requirement.
Same discussion we had on PIMAX side with the new client.
If cloud is gone or you are cancelled because of deep state cruelties or company misuses power, your device is worthless. online-requirement maybe acceptable for companies (I still doubt it) but not good for consumers.

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The $500 :us: appears to be a one time fee vs yearly. However that puts Varno Aero around the same price point as pimax Crystal.

pimax added an offline play mode. Where as Varjo Aero you have go from $990 :us: + $500 :us:

This revelation demonstrates just how expensive Aero was prior to the price drops. I would say pimax Crystal encouraged the price decreases.


I bit the bullet and ordered the Aero. $990 plus tax. There is no annual fee. The computer is online 24/7 anyway. And I am not worrying about government tracking on me. They always know what you are doing anyway.
Then I got a used Base Station v1 from Microcenter for $75. Hopefully it will provide enough basic tracking for the headset.
Now my new headset was shipped from Shenzhen, just flew across the ocean and reached Memphis, TN. Can’t wait to test it out ! :smiley:

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No annual fee. Just where I am the internet goes down once in awhile. Plus if one were to take travelling the offline license might be a must.

Cool to hear your review once you receive.


According to Varjo documentation/FAQ you can login once, then be offline for 3 months before needing to login in again. It is still a major turnoff for me.

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Interesting. Though odd to have the offline licensing then. Does it mean of you don’t go online for the update in 3 months that the hmd will cink out until you do?

I assume so. It feels like a half-baked idea inherited from enterprise solutions. Why do they need to control consumer customers? It isnt like they have sold a game and want drm protection…

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Agreed just seems to be a way to dissuade ppl from wanting to buy into their platform. Makes sense though maybe for them to have this miss with previously only dealing with enterprise customers with nor enough experience in the general consumer market.

Well, at least they openly tell you about the need of online.

Pimax already switched to the same method with the release of new Pimax Play client. You will need to log in from time to time, but did Pimax warn you about this? Nah.

The Varjo Aero I bought turns out to be not ideal at all. No wonder it offers a huge discount. The only thing good it can do is watching videos. Problems like too much CA and distortion will ruin your game experience. Thank God that I didn’t buy it for games.


Supposed to be an offline option. But yeah pimax has a few times pulled fast one on things.


could You elaborate on this? So, there is no true offline mode for PimaxClient?

That´s a no-go for me. Just because of the cancelling politics here in Germany one never knows when accounts are disabled because of traitors / shamus just doing false accusations, which is usual left fascist practice already here. I will not accept such mandatory dependence, remain on PiTool.


There is really no need to involve “left/right/fascist/nazi/extremist…etc”. We are just VR users, and the companies are just try to sell their headsets. Simple as that.

The new Pimax Client remembers you and your purchase in their store. From time to time, probably once a month, it will ask you for log in again. It’s actually no big deal. If you don’t like it, you can always use PiTool. However, IMHO, the Pimax Client runs better and easier to use.

Sorry, but I strongly disagree. A required online access to activate my bought hardware or keep it running is absolutely unacceptable for me. It´s mine, and I do not let others restrict use or interfere with it without my explicit consent.
I cannot follow your personal assessment, for me it´s a play down of the political situation e.g. in Germany, or just Europe. I already experienced such threats. A year ago they started to kill bank accounts (not mine), then it continued, companies put people on the internal blacklists and they lost accounts and abilities to act. Just read the T&C you will see it is all legal. It´s not conspiracy theory, it just happens everywhere in the western world. Why the hell should I accept such an unnecessary dependency which can disable my device just because of a “cloud error” or on purpose because of e.g. whatever politics, not to name it directly?

Except you still require to go online to get updates. Having an account is not bad as you already do with access the platform. Now you don’t have to be logged in online to use your headset.

With also having a Standalone mode it will require an account like any other Standalone. No different than a Google, Apple, Pico and Meta Device.

Now if you needed to be logged in online just to use it. Then that would be bad. However there is an offline mode. So not really a bother.

As for bank accounts? As long as we have physical currency; only defense is to stuff your mattress. Once Electronic currency is implemented and cash is gone. Then we will have little to no choice.

We have different opinions on that. I will avoid it and decide to buy other products or just not to buy.

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