New Parkour Apple Immersive Video Out Now On Apple Vision Pro

Episode 2 of Adventure is out now on Apple Vision Pro.

Adventure is an Apple Immersive Video series that lets the viewer "join pioneering athletes as they take on awe-inspiring challenges in some of the world's most spectacular locations".

What Is Apple Immersive Video?

The Apple Immersive Video format is 180-degree video with 8K resolution, stereoscopic 3D, and spatial audio. It's served from the Apple TV+ subscription service with much higher bitrate than many other immersive video platforms.

We highly praised Apple Immersive Video in our Vision Pro review. It's not possible to cast or record Apple Immersive Video though, so you'll have to take our word for it unless you have access to a Vision Pro.

Episode 1 of Adventure has been available since Apple Vision Pro launched. It's called Highlining, lasts 13 minutes, and lets you watch highliner Faith Dickey take on "her biggest challenge yet" - crossing Norwegian fjords at 3000 feet in the air.

Episode 2, out now, is called Parkour and lasts 12 minutes. It follows "the world's leading Parkour athletes" as they traverse the rooftops and streets of Paris.

Adventure episode 1, Highlining.

Adventure is exclusively available from the Apple TV+ service in the Apple TV app on Apple Vision Pro.

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