PimaxVR MAS Alternatives

PimaxVR MAS Alternatives

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4. HTC Vive DAS Adapters 4
5. HTC Vive Pro Adapter 5
6. PSVR Headstrap Adapter 6
7. Custom Ridgit Headstrap Flip up able 7
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4. HTC Vive DAS Adapter Mods

This is a Collection of DAS adapters & Mods for using with PimaxVR headsets. They can likely be adapted for use with other VR HMDs.

1. Menithal * Top Clip & Hinges - Oct 2018


Originally Made for the Pimax 5K+/8K Headset using measurements from @UnholyBeardedOne at Pimax Forums, and ‘image-reverse engineered’ from video stills frommixedrealityTVandSweViver. Not all measurements are done with a caliper.

This Refined version is improved upon using materials that come with the Pimax.

Pimax 5/8K - Vive Deluxe Audio Strap Adapter V2 (Tested) by Menithal - Thingiverse

2. DrCube * Top Clip & Hinges - Dec 2018


Hinges and clip to allow you use your Vive DAS with your pimax 5k or 8k. There is a shorter and longer version of the side hinges depending on the size of your head. No supports required for top clip

Pimax + Vive DAS Adapter by Drcube - Thingiverse

A) Tighter Fit Hinge Adapter

Apr 2020

By: Spdqbr

After printing the most excellent “Pimax + Vive DAS Adapter” by Drcube, I had trouble getting a tight enough fit for more vigorous games. This part simply takes the “DAS_Adapter_Short_Sideways_Printable_A” part and moves the pimax attachment point in, to give about an extra inch of tightenting room.

You will still need the rest of the parts fromDrcube’s adapter

Vive DAS to Pimax Adapter - Tighter fit by Spdqbr - Thingiverse

3. g_code3d * Slide Over Hinges - Feb 2019

Pic Version v2

This is a remix of DrCube’s Pimax + Vive DAS Adapter(used DAS peg portion), but instead of removing the Pimax hinges, these pieces slide over the hinges and use the strap loop as a locking pin cutout.

Pimax+Vive DAS Slide Over Hinges by g_code3D - Thingiverse

4. GrodenVR * Higher Offset Hinge - Dec 2019

This is a modified version of the Drcube’s excellentDAS adapter.
I moved the attachment point on the hinges higher to shift the pressure more to the forehead and less on the cheeks (the stl pics are upside-down). I find it more comfortable, but that will depend on your face.

Pimax DAS adapter (offset) by GrodenVR - Thingiverse

5. Ngenesis * Top Clip Drool Pi ET Module - Sept 2020

This is a version of the Vive Deluxe Audio strap adapter for Pimax headsets which has been modified to work with the Droolon Pi1 eye tracking module.

Pimax DAS Adapter (Compatible with Droolon Pi1 Eye Tracking Module) by NGenesis - Thingiverse

6. Yengalvez - Super DAS Mod - Dec 2019

Finally, I finished my headband mod version. As you can see the weight is on the forehead, and not in the face. It makes that you don’t feel like you wear glasses.

You will need some foam to finish the headband and make it comfortable :slight_smile: See pic above.

This Velcro it’s necessary if you want to attach it to your face as near as possible.

Pimax Headband by yengalvez - Thingiverse

5. Vive Pro Strap Adapter

Date March 2020

By mathias_delahaye

This part is an adapter between the Vive Pro / Vive Pro Eye harness and the Pimax head mounted display

ShawnMayer Print with Koss Headphones


March 2020

I complete my Pimax Artisan with Vive Pro Strap using this adapter and koss ksc75 headset
This is really comfort and koss ksc75 sound is really great.

Vive Pro Strap without Audio $45 :us:. Confirm stock before Ordering.


Link to Source

6. PSVR Headstrap Adapter

Date March 2019

By Virtualmisterl

I took a headstrap from a broken psvr & created a headstrap adapter which has at least some adjustment on all axis.
you can move the whole headstrap up & down, you can slide the hmd in & out on the psvr slider & it can also be tilted up & down on the hinge…

7. Custom Ridgit Headstrap Flip up able

Date Nov 2019

By Nid

Because I had problems with the fit and the weight balance of the standard headstrap, I designed a 3D printable headstrap:

I should mention, that I’m able to flip the HMD up, so I don’t have to take the headset of, when I want to check something on my PC.

V1 Design

V1 had too much Wobble. So V2 attaches from sides.


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