'PlayStation VR2 PC Adapter' Certified By South Korean Regulator

A 'PlayStation VR2 PC Adapter' was certified by South Korea's National Radio Research Agency (RRA).

The RRA is South Korea's regulatory agency with responsibility over wireless frequency use, equivalent to the US FCC. As with the FCC, the RRA's approval is necessary to sell a device with wireless capabilities in that market.

The licence was granted to Sony Interactive Entertainment, the subsidiary of Sony responsible for PlayStation.

Sony Working On PC Support For PlayStation VR2
Sony is testing letting PSVR 2 owners “access additional games on PC”, and plans to ship this capability this year.

This comes three months after Sony officially announced it plans to let PSVR 2 owners "access additional games on PC" this year.

Sony didn't specify how exactly that "access" would work, leading to speculation that it may be a Steam Link style streaming solution or even cloud streaming. But a firmware update making the headset present as a VR headset to PCs led us to believe the support will be direct to the PC via an adapter, and the RRA licence essentially confirms this.

Why Does PSVR 2 Need An Adapter For PC?

PSVR 2's cable has a single USB-C connector and carries 12V power as well as DisplayPort and USB3 data. This could be handled by the now-dead VirtualLink USB-C ports that were present on some NVIDIA 20-series and AMD RX 6000 series cards, but that would limit PSVR 2 support to only these specific outdated cards.

Supporting other graphics cards requires either a VirtualLink adapter or a custom adapter that can split the DisplayPort and USB 3 data while providing 12V power via power supply input.

This adapter should make PlayStation VR2 the only recent PC-capable VR headset with OLED panels that has built-in tracking and comes with controllers, and by far the most affordable.

If you're willing to take the risk that Sony could potentially cancel this adapter before bringing it to market, PSVR 2 is currently on sale for $100 off, meaning you can grab it for $450.

PlayStation VR2 Sale: $100 Cheaper For The Next Two Weeks
PlayStation VR2 is on sale for $100 off until June 12, bringing it down to $450.

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