Population: One Gets New Map With Redeploys In 'Phoenix Royale' Mode Soon

VR battle royale Population: One will receive a new map, sprinting and more in the upcoming 'Phoenix Royale' game mode.

Marking the latest major Population: One update, the Phoenix Royale game mode introduces a new, full-sized map with a moving end zone. This includes redeploys if you get taken down, while supply crates filled with weapons and health items are scattered across the map. These crates also include 'Phoenix Gem Bars,' a new currency that can buy items, supply drops, and weapon upgrades.

Several features and mechanics from Phoenix Royale will remain exclusive to this new map. Redeployment, buy stations, loot vaults, supply crates, and the new Phoenix currency won't be added elsewhere, though the new sprinting mechanic is coming to every other mode. BigBox VR states the moving end zone will also reach other squad-based modes.

In the run-up to the official launch, BigBox VR confirmed a three-day preview weekend will be available for all players. Beginning on May 31 at 11 am PT, playing five Phoenix Royale matches earns an exclusive "Phoenix Rising" title. Once it launches, playing two matches gets the "Delta" character skin and 15 matches earns the "Jet" character skin. Launch rewards will become permanently unobtainable after two weeks.

Population One: Phoenix Royale - new character skins

Population: One - Phoenix Royale launches on Quest and PC VR on June 6, going live at 11am PT.

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