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This Topic will contain useful programs for Pimax Hmds. Primarily the Reality Series.

BS Manager- Lighthouse management (Auto On/Off - Crystal Only)

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Hi dear Crystal owners :slight_smile:

It’s possible now: you can now let your > lighthouses auto switch on (or off) > together with your Crystal HMD, depending on power state of your HMD.


It autostarts with Windows and needs a Bluetooth LE receiver for controlling basestations - It’s three years old and was originally written by mann1x-ITA, source here on github; there’s a readme too, please read it for more info about this app
Therefore it just needed some edits for recognizing Crystal-HMD and a little fix for registry startup of BSManager. Since it’s three years old, the Crystal HMD wasn’t included of course. It was added by me and the needed services were changed to fit the new PimaxPlay software (mann1x wrote it for pitool initially)
You can use its RuntimeManager to automatically start (and close) PimaxPlay and its services (pls read the readme from mann1x linked above)
It needs .NET Desktop Runtime 3.1.32, which is already included in this app, so no additional download needed. I’ve compiled it like mann1x as a standalone binary now (there were early not selfcontaining versions of it), it brings everything it needs to run correctly with it
Again, please read mann1x’ explanations for how to handle this app. It’s self explaining anyway :wink:


mann1x original github repository
my github repository with release download (same .exe as in .zip file on gdrive)

Source r/pimax :reddit:

BS Companion

Alternative to previous post for about $2.49 ca

Also available on Apple Store

but I need this for 8KX… Since nothing is availabe yet, I use wireless sockets for BS power supplies to switch on/off. Another remote control, because it is simple radio, not wifi, but hey, it works.

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The uitils mentioned here will work for the earlier pimax Hmds. Just the first one seems to have an auto on & off with crystal.

These should also work for other mixedvr setups using Lighthouses.

mann1x’ original app should work with your headset; when not, just contact me, I’d need some info from your HMD but then can compile a version for your device, no problem.

addition to app list:
I was very surprised when I found this: BaseStation Manager, in ms-windoze store. it’s really okay, costs are minimal, so it’s worth a try, you should buy this app :wink: configuration of channels and sending sleep / doze / wake commands just simply work.

and there’s Lighthouse Power Management for android phones, but that’s already widely known imo.


jep, BSManager from github (no matter which version) will auto start / stopp lighthouses depending on power state of your headset. additionally if you want to apps and services, even own ones via a text file; it’s all described in mann1x’ readme. i like open sources a lot :slight_smile: ) :grin:

the other apps are all “manual apps” for controlling LHs without an HMD even needed.

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Indeed Opensource is quite awesome and can allow rapid advances more easily.