Psvr2 highend pcvr user experience

Wow i just finished resident evil village on the psvr2 what a blast i must say…
For me it surpasses my top game halflife alex on my highend pcvr setup…

I almost never finished a game but i couldnt stop.
The hapticks and rumble in the headset did at alot combined with the 3d audio in the pulse 3d headset…

The oled screens with deep blacks and hdr did also add something special in this game(even with the Mura,wich i hate lol)…

This was my number 1 Vr experience from all the games i played…Just wow !
And this that i even almost sold my psvr2 because off the mura and slight blurrines.

But the all in one package from the psvr2 can give you goosebumbs with such a game…Even with the shortcomings from the headset…


Indeed while some elements of the headset should have been better. They definitely fixed up the weaknesses of the psvr1 like controllers and advanced other things that have not been implemented on pcvr side of things.


Yes, it’s SO good! I’ve played through it twice and love it.

The biggest thing about the PSVR2 experience compared to other hmds/systems is the haptic triggers imo. It will be weird to shoot things in Alyx with the knuckles without the trigger feel. I think all others should follow but I realize that it’s not that easy because of compromises . But, yeah, that’s the thing about the PSVR2 - it’s the perfect compromise imo.


The other barrier could be sony patents for others to adopt unless Sony will license it of course.

Iirc Sony ran into tjis with the rumble effect on there controllers and was in part why the first Ps3 controllers didn’t have it. athe First onea were just Siaxis(?). Dualshock 2 came later after they resolved things.

Here is a reddit link on that.

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Oh yeaah, I remember that now.

Hmm, that could be a problem.


Hey guys !

I’ve also tried the PSVR2 with Horizon and GT7VR and i still prefer my Pico4.

But it’s still a nice upgrade from the PS1VR !


I also played now saints and sinners retribution on the psvr2 and also on my 8kx with a 4090… But somehow i like the psvr2 version more…Because off the blacks and hapticks and colors… It even runs better somehow??

People who have only a psvr2 will love this game on the psvr2 i think…

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Likely a combination of factors.having a new haptic feedback system in play can greatly improve the feeling of presence.

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Its with dark games the oled and the hdr brightness from the light makes a real difference icm with the haptics

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