RTX 4090's 16-Pin Connector Melted After One Year of Usage

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Melting continues. Likely good to do routine checks

Pimax Crystal: Second impressions

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I have now a PTC on my CableMod Connector, shown in aquasuite. For sure, I cannot measure the pin temperature directly, but the metal housing of the CableMod 90° adapter helps to get a rough information whats happening there, maybe I need to add 10° C. I tested with nearly 460W (Powerlimit with MSI afterburner set to 105%) and the temperature just increased. I stopped the test manually at ~60° C, I guess the inner pins were at 70°C+.
This is no good, no real overclocking possible with those fucking 12PHV connectors.
Thank You for reminding me to be careful. :cold_face:


Quite welcome. 4090 is quite powerful and by your own test/estimates stick stock.

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