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Lighthouse Diagnostic v1


Date: Apr 14, 2020

Posted by: Theholyone
Contributers: Mannix, The Malkavian.

EDIT (18/04/2020)

To spare you the scroll marathon in this thread, here the list of the currently known solutions to power off your basestations remotely:

ORIGINAL: (Feb 2019)

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently received my Pimax 5k+ and I am using it with the HTC Vive Basestations and Controllers (v1.0).

My current problem is that the base stations are permanently powered on and there seems no way to change that, at least while using the Pimax 5k+.

Reason for that:

  • To be able to activate the Standby mode of the lighthouses and telling them to shutdown/power on every time when SteamVR starts at least the breakout box of the HTC Vive has to be connected. Why?
  • Apparently, within the breakout box there is a Bluetooth chip hidden which communicates with the lighthouses. So far, this would be okay for me just to let it be connected while letting the HTC Vive HMD disconnected. But!
  • If I only connect the breakout box with my PC (with HDMI, USB, and Power) I see within the SteamVR Settings that the ‘Bluetooth Service’ [roughly translated] is not available. So what went wrong?
  • I’ve reinstalled everything, tried out a lot, at the End I only got SteamVR to recognize that there IS a breakout box connected with the necessary Bluetooth connection by also connecting the HTC Vive HMD and this is not a solution for me.

There are now some possible ways to solve this, but before I consider them I wanted to ask if someone has a solution already.

Possible ways:

  • Just accept that they have to be powered on/off by hand (does this damage them?)
  • Using Smart Home power sockets to activate them manually but at least remote.
  • Find a way to get SteamVR to recognize a 3rd Party Bluetooth Dongle to communicate with the lighthouses even if there is no breakout box.
  • Find a way to get SteamVR to recognize the Bluetooth connection of the breakout box even if the HTC Vive isn’t connected.
  • Find another Bluetooth dongle which supports the communication with the lighthouses (from Broadcom) and writing my own Tool to send the commands to them. Any references for this is appreciated.

P.s.: I also found out without the breakout box and the HTC Vive it’s not possible to upgrade the firmware nor it’s being shown within SteamVR that there is an available firmware update to be installed.

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