The 4K Hybrid VR Gaming System - My Pimax Portal Review

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Fast forward to the conlusions, lol. Pimax Portal Viewer.

TL;DW - 1 Standalone VR app no way to currently use with pcvr. But really good handheld gaming device.

While he mentions Valve Steam Link but not on the VR side. I suspect you might be able to sideload so me older VR phone aps or perhaps use a more current one like “iVRy” for phone pcvr maybe. @calvinyau might be an idea to reach out to iVRy Dev and things like Alvr Dev etc… You could likely also get a hold of DeVa of AndroidVR titles like ShadowgunVR etc…to see if they would be interested in updating their titles for Portal and Crystal standaloneVR modes.

@SmallBaguette have you had a chance on Crystal with other sideloading?


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