These XR glasses let you take a 201-inch screen anywhere — and they're just $299

but as otherwise mentioned 46° FoV in total. For me, that does not make sense at all. Isn´t it just a cheap HoloLens replacement?

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Where did you find FoV? Best I found was 49ppd

Source: RayNeo Air 2 ausprobiert: Wie gut ist TCL's leichtere und hellere Smartbrille?

The field of view (FoV) reaches 46 degrees, which corresponds to the screen size of the Xreal Air 2 (Info). However, it doesn’t come close to the Rokid Max, which offers a 49-degree field of view.

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Thanks for the link as mine had no mention of FoV. Though 3° is negligible that very minimal ppl would actually be able to see a divorce 1.5°/side.

But at 46° might be good for desktop use(maybe) but not really vr.

Yeah, saw some good reviews about RayNeo Air 2. The color is bright and image is good. Comfort level is improved and the clicking is more ergonomic.
But some also pointed out the FOV was too small, and if you are outside of China, you won’t get prescription lens that go with it.

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