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This topic will be used to organize useful info from folks like mbucchia etc… For How-tos and info.

To Start here is Mbucchia explaining DFR types available.

There are 3 different tools that let you do DFR on Crystal:

  1. Pimax’s own DFR, which is for OpenVR applications, doing VRS-style DFR injection
  2. PimaxXR+OpenXR Toolkit, which is for OpenXR applications and a few OpenComposite applications, doing VRS-style DFR injection
  3. PimaxXR+Quad Views support, which is for OpenXR applications that are implemented specifically with quad views rendering (today only DCS and Pavlov)

Once Pimax releases the ET firmware, you will get 1) and 2).

However neither 1) not 2) will work with DCS.

  1. is the thing that works in DCS and that VR Flight Sim Guy showed, and it needs another 2-3 weeks of development before release.

I hope this clarifies the situation.

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Big deal OpenVR Space Calibrator patched for Crystal!

VR Rock Lens inserts and final verdict

VRFlightsim Guy


Local Dimming Fix & More - HL Alyx Game play.

By Adam’s SimPorium

Crystal: New Eye-tracking Utility Software - QuadViews Companion App

Posted By TallyMouse on r/pimax

Download here: QuadViews Companion (

V 1.0.2 (updated) - NET5.0 support

Quadviews Companion makes modifying the settings within mbucchia’s implementation of QuadViews a breeze!

mbucchia’s QuadViews is an essential download if you fly in DCS, and you have eye-tracking capabilities.

However, for many, the settings.cfg file setup and modification can prove difficult when trying to find the best Dynamic Foveated Rendering settings for DCS.

This handy utility not only automatically creates the initial QuadViews user settings file, but lets you load, modify, and update the settings without needing to open the config file at all.

See Home · mbucchia/Quad-Views-Foveated Wiki · GitHub for further details.

Works with Pimax Crystal, Pimax 12k, and Varjo Aero, Varjo XR3.

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Getting started Guide

OMG OMG I’ve just received my Pimax Crystal and “X” (fill in the blank)

Posted By TallyMouse on r/pimax

What??? It’s traveled all the way here from China and the batteries for the HMD and the controllers are not fully charged??? Whaaaa!?? Maybe I should charge them…

It the HMD just doesn’t turn on:

  1. Turn on your PC.
  2. Ensure that the switch on the top-righthand-side of the HMD is set to PC, and not AIO.
  3. Place the DP plug into a DP socket on your GPU
  4. Put the USB2 plug (the shorter one) into a powered USB2 hub. Ensure that the USB2 hub is actually plugged into a USB2 socket (preferred) or USB3 socket on your motherboard.
  5. Put the USB3 plug (the longer one) directly into a USB3 socket in the back of your motherboard.
  6. Place the HMD on the desk next to you, and hold down the power button and count to 6 or 7 seconds in your head.
  7. The blue LED on the battery will come on, you see light coming out of the lenses, the main HMD light will flash white 3 times, and then turn blue. About another 8-10 seconds later, the “Disconnected” message in the Play software will change to “Connecting” then “Connected” then finally, “Screen off” (20seconds after not putting it on your head)

It doesn’t connect:

You don’t see “disconnected” when you open Pimax Play?

  1. Uninstall Pimax Play
  2. Reboot
  3. Reinstall Pimax Play
  4. Turn on your Crystal, as above.


  1. Place it on your head, fully plugged into everything.
  2. While looking into the darkness (you’re now used to this), hold down the HMD power button for 30 seconds. It should finally reset, and a Pimax logo will come up on the screen, followed by a “dark screen” boot sequence. This will verify that your HMD isn’t dead… and that the screens actually work.


  1. Turn off your PC
  2. Remove the battery from the back of the HMD
  3. Remove both USB2 and USB3
  4. Turn PC back on
  5. Reinsert battery
  6. Connect USB2 first - that’s the shorter plug
  7. Finally connect USB3 straight into your PC’s motherboard - that’s the longer plug
  8. Start Pimax Play
  9. Place the HMD on the desk next to you, and hold down the power button and count to 6 or 7 seconds in your head.
  10. The blue LED on the battery will come on, you see light coming out of the lenses, the main HMD light will flash white 3 times, and then come on blue. About another 8-10 seconds later, “Disconnected” will change to “Connecting” then “Connected” then finally, “Screen off”

If you’re still having issues contact Tech Support and also look at your USB topology - maybe you’ve got to many device connected in the wrong way - see: Pimax Crystal coexisting with HOTAS/many-USB-devices : Pimax (

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For any pimax hmd remote LH control.

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Quad views foveated rendering for Pimax Crystal

Posted By PimaxQuorra

First of all, a huge thanks to the VR (and Pimax) community, obviously Mbucchia and Ominwhatever and Tally Mouse. If this is useful for you, please consider donating to Mbucchia, or subscribing to Omni’s channel.

Why Quad Views

Why do you want Quad Views for DCS or Pavlov VR? Two main benefits:
– FPS boost
– Able to run a much higher resolution (inside the area you are viewing)

How Quad-Views-Foveated works and how it’s different from Dynamic Foveated Rendering

Dynamic Foveated Rendering (with the Pimax Crystal) works by rendering your focus area in full detail, and rendering the area outside of your vision in less detail. Mostly the shadow and edge details are affected. There is a huge performance boost by not rendering the areas you’re not looking at in full detail, typically 10 to 40%. The total pixel amount however, is unchanged.

Quad-Views Foveated works differently. It directly lowers the resolution in the non-focus areas, and keeps the same pixel amount (or more likely: increases the pixel amount) in the focus area. For most people, the total pixel amount generated is drastically lower. This also gives a huge performance boost.

Demo video and Resolution & FPS comparison:

Visual comparison:

How to set it up

Mbucchia already wrote an extensive guide here. We take you through the steps again here as well.
We assume you already have:
Pimax Play installed
– A Pimax Crystal connected
– OpenXR Toolkit installed (if not, click here)
– PimaxXR (if not, click here, and make sure eye-tracking is enabled)

Setup from there isn’t too complicated but you cannot skip a single part.

Step #1 – Pimax Play

Make sure you Enable eye-tracking!

Step #2 – Download Quad-Views-Foveated

Click here. Only install Quad Views after you install OpenXR Toolkit. (If you somehow managed to install Quad-Views-Foveated before OpenXR Toolkit, you’ll have to re-install.)

– Enable Quad-Views in PimaxXR

Step #3 – How to run DCS with Quad-Views-Foveated

You must run DCS in multi-threaded (MT) mode.

If you’re using OpenBeta:

If you are running in OpenBeta, create a shortcut to the dcs.exe file under the bim-mt folder where DCS is installed.

If you’re using Steam:

If you are running in Steam Edition, you must go to the DCS World’s Properties inside Steam, go to the General tab, and make sure the Launch Options has been set to “Play MT Preview”.

You’ll also need to download and install OpenXR-Eye-Trackers, if you use SteamVR:

Step #4 – Change two settings in DCS

Check for two settings in DCS itself.
– Inside “VR”, disable ‘Bloom effect’
– Inside “System”, disable ‘Lens Effects’

Step #5 – Restore defaults

If you have used OpenXR Toolkit before, some settings may be incompatible with Quad-Views-Foveated. To ensure compatibility, we suggest you:
Enable safe-mode in OpenXR Toolkit
Run DCS World with OpenXR Toolkit, go into Menu> Restore Defaults
After that you can disable Safe mode again

Enable safe mode:

Restore defaults:

Step #6 – Tally Mouse companion app

Tally Mouse made a companion app to ease tweaking settings. It’s available to download here:

These are the settings we used on our 4070ti.

Step #7 – Try it!

It’ll probably be obvious from the FPS boost, but you can make sure and see if Quad-Views is initializing successfully or not, with or without eye tracking, by going to:


And open the log. If working, it should look like this:

Need more help?

:globe_with_meridians: OpenMR Community
:ani_discord: Official pimax
:reddit: r/pimax
:ani_discord: OpenXR Toolkit
:ani_discord: OpenComposite

:globe_with_meridians: Source OpenMR

Thanks to Mbucchia, it’s now possible to use DFR with VRChat again so I did a video benchmarking it a bit on the 4090!

Posted By @Omniwhateveron r/pimax

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Pimax Crystal: Complete DFR step-by-step setup guide for DCS

Posted By TallyMouse on r/pimax

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Ultimate Guide to setting up Crystal for Flight

Posted By Plonker10p0 on r/pimax

Courtesy of Flight Simulation!

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Testing the precription lenses!

Posted by Quorrapimax on r/pimax

Conducting tests with prescription lenses! Managed to get the eye-tracking to work with these lenses. Stay tuned for more demo videos!

My Prescription: -2.5

Black Studio, a Chinese vendor, I’m uncertain whether it is available for purchase outside of China.

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Waiting on brand(s) info for inserts being tested

How to install android apps on the Pimax Crystal.

Posted By: Headsethistorian :ani_y1:(Beta) on r/pimax

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Steam Link on the Pimax Crystal (wireless PC gaming, non-VR)

Posted By: Headsethistorian :ani_y1:(Beta) on r/pimax

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Digital Lens for VR/AR displays, Eye Tracking Pimax Crystal

Posted By: EugeneTheBR on r/pimax

The evaluation OpenXR Plugin now supports Pimax Crystal.

Some tests on Pimax Crystal:

I’m honestly surprised how much it improved the image…” - (a user’s comment on Pimax discord)

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