Venture's Gauntlet Challenges You To A VR Obstacle Course On Quest, Steam & Pico

Venture's Gauntlet aims to deliver deadly VR obstacle courses on Quest, Pico and PC VR today.

Developed in Unreal Engine by BearHammer Games, Venture's Gauntlet previously appeared on Steam Early Access last June. The premise involves aging billionaire Adam Venture seeking a capable heir, tasking you with overcoming a series of obstacle courses. The studio promises a five-hour campaign, while more maps and multiplayer will be added post-launch.

Featuring nine stages inspired by the Scottish Highlands, Venture's Gauntlet is described as a physically challenging game. Each parkour and assault course promises varying challenges like killer drones, deadly lasers and fatal drops. Stages are calibrated to your height and arm measurements, there's a dynamic time of day and weather system, and your fastest times are placed on an online leaderboard.

Venture's Gauntlet arrives today on Quest and Pico, alongside a full release update for PC VR.

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