VR Battle Royale Contractors Showdown Confirms Quest Release Date

VR battle royale shooter Contractors Showdown revealed its release date on Quest.

A follow up to 2018's Contractors, Contractors Showdown recently carried out open beta tests on SteamVR and Quest. While Caveman Studio confirmed that "more news regarding the Steam version will follow" on the official Discord server, Contractors Showdown is reaching Quest later this month. Pre-orders have a 10% discount and come with an exclusive 'Skill Issue' skin pack.

Set across a 16 square kilometer map, Contractors Showdown lets you dive in with doubles, trios or solo, supporting up to 60 people per match. Everyone can activate three types of perks per match for strategic advantages, which Caveman Studio didn't detail. As for progression, you can earn resource points, fulfill contracts, unlock blueprints, obtain cosmetics and more.

For more details, here's an official gameplay description:

Navigate the high-stakes arena using an array of tactical props, including airstrikes and UAVs. These game-changing elements elevate the intensity, offering players the opportunity to unleash powerful tools and outsmart their opponents. Plan your moves, coordinate with your squad, and deploy these strategic assets to dominate the battlefield.

Contractors Showdown arrives on April 25 on the Meta Quest platform, while the Steam page currently lists a 'Q2 2024' release window.

Notice: This article was originally published on February 28, 2024. It was updated on April 8, 2024, to reflect the Quest release date announcement.

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