Wallace & Gromit VR's Publisher Has Two New Experiences Reaching Quest This Week

Wallace & Gromit VR publisher Astrea will bring two new VR experiences to Quest App Lab this week.

Best known for publishing Wallace & Gromit in the Grand Getaway, Astra and Madrid Noir, Astrea confirmed it's simultaneously launching two new projects on Quest. Directed by Fanni Fazakas, Missing 10 Hours isn't a game and instead offers a short narrative experience with multiple endings. This next sentence discusses distressing themes regarding attempted date rape, and you play as a bystander who witnesses a young woman get spiked with GHB.

What follows is a harrowing tale in which your choices influence the outcome of this evening. During our hands-on at last month's NewImages Festival in Paris, we called it a "powerful demonstration that highlights what witnesses can do to help prevent these situations, using VR's immersion to deliver a highly impactful journey."

The second VR experience is Plastisapiens, which Astrea describes as a "meditative exploration of our environmental future" inspired by "contemporary scientific thought and speculative eco-fiction." Set in a world where plastics and natural environments have seamlessly merged, it aims to explore the bonds between humanity and the natural world. Alongside the Touch controllers, Plastisapiens also supports hand tracking controls.

Missing 10 Hours and Plastisapiens will both reach the Meta Quest platform on May 23, costing $2.99 and $1.99 respectively.

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