World of Warcraft VR Mod Available for Download

Now this could make things interesting @Ludiks @LuciVR @Axacuatl @seadersn @jojon @jTeller @james_gammell @Youtubers @Butters007 @Mol @Matthew @3DVRFan

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absolutely not my game :face_with_peeking_eye::grin: but I find it wonderful that more and more games are now able to be played in VR! community is doing wonders regarding this, see alone the UEVR stuff :flushed:

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I never got into WoW either. But had played their earlier Warcraft games. If this game still holds the following. I can see many wanting to immerse in VR.

Definitely a game where you need a lot of time to play.

Myself? Would like to see a full Mech warrior VR game. Though Vox Machina and few others are decent. It was ashame that WarRobotsVR didn’t move past the free short demo

THAT’s a point I didn’t have in mind, jep! the masses of WoW players, now able to join VR which may raise interest in VR in general on at least some of them. maybe this gives the HMD hw market a nice boost :smiley:

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