You Can Now Hide The Corpse In Quest Early Access

You’ve got four minutes till the cops arrive and a dead body on your hands.

Can you Hide The Corpse in time?

Originally revealed in the UploadVR Showcase, the developers of Hide The Corpse brought a new full length look at the game’s ridiculous premise to this summer’s event to mark its launch in early access.


I’d point out how similar the idea is to Weekend At Bernie’s, but the reference would mean nothing to Meta’s target market of VR buyers who may only know of the 1980’s as the decade that gave them Taylor Swift.

The title’s description encourages players to get creative with where they try to stuff the body in the limited time available. In the latest trailer, you can see the surprising amount of effort involved in trying to stuff the lifeless ragdoll out of view across an assortment of environments, including underwater.

Hide The Corpse is available now in early access with support listed for Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

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