Crystal Update June 15

Crystal Update June 15

Crystal Status:

The hardware for the Pimax Crystal headset is fully functional, and most software features are working. Eyetracking, Auto-IPD and standalone mode will soon be enabled as well. Eye tracking is expected to be enabled by the end of June, and Standalone mode will be demod around that time. Once enabled, users can update the software via OTA. We’ll keep you updated.

Pre-order Process and Status:

  • Customers will be notified by email when their pre-order number’s turn has come.
  • After payment is completed, the order will be processed and customers will receive a shipping tracking number via email.
  • If payment isn’t made by the required date, the spot will be passed to the next customer. However, if the customer still decides to buy a Pimax Crystal in the future, they can email Pimax to get a new spot.
  • Currently we are shipping to below regions:North America (United States and Canada)
    Europe: EU region, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland
    Oceania: Australia & New-Zealand
    Middle East region
    Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, as well as Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


Customers who pre-ordered before Christmas 2022 and haven’t received the final payment email in the open area should contact Pimax through All pre-orders made before May 30th are expected to be processed and shipped within the next two months.

Shipping Process and Status:

Crystal Shipment Process:

  • You confirm your address and tax confirmation by email
  • Your Crystal ships out
  • We provide you your tracking label


Customers who completed the final payment before 31th of May and haven’t received the address confirmation email, should contact Pimax through in case you missed the email.

Glass Lenses and HUB Kit:

Starting from last week, all headsets have started to ship including glass lenses. Starting from this week, all shipments will also include the Power hub.

Pimax has already shipped glass lenses to all users who received resin lenses, and the Power hub will be sent to all customers who did not receive it yet as well.

Broken headstrap clip issue

We still have received reports from customers regarding broken headstrap clips. After investigation, we have determined that the clips sometimes break during international transportation.

Our factory has now properly designed a new piece of foam for the clip area. After a series of drop testing, impact testing, and vibration testing, this new solution has been proven to be effective. The package should now be able to withstand the forces it will encounter during shipping.

We apologize for shipping broken headsets to our customers, and we’ll replace all of these with a new one. Thank you for your support of Pimax and for being one of the earliest customers of Crystal. We appreciate your patience.

Improved customer support

We would like to once again formally apologize to our customers that have encountered these problems. We hope to see these issues completely resolved moving forward. We will continue to strive to push the VR envelope and deliver the best VR headsets.

If you encounter any service or product problems in the near future, please contact us at The Pimax Support Team will respond back and work to find a resolution as soon as possible. If your problem has not been resolved for a while, you can also contact, and we’ll read all your emails and help to resolve any issues quickly.

Pimax Crystal Team

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