Humanity's Last Stand | Arma 3 Terminator

Arma 3 would be great in VR abd this presumably Terminator mod looks great!

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i have 1500 hours over 3.5 years in arma 3 love the game it’s my favourite 2D game and my most played although haven’t played it for a few years. if arma 4, scheduled to release 2024, is in vr i’d buy it without hesitation.

i doubt arma 3 will ever get the vr treatment. official? no chance imo. a mod? not much chance because arma 3 requires complex keyboard and mouse input. arma 4 will be out on the latest xbox/ps so will be controller compatible which increases the chances of someone like luke ross making a mod for it.

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Indeed Arma also uses there own custom game engine so no easy vr modding.

Mechwarrior though one if the earlier ones someone used a web thing to add torso twist using a phone compass rotational sensor.

It was ashame some players seened to have ruined the play of the Dayz standalone

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