IMMERSED VISOR - A 4K MicroOLED XR Headset For $750 - Everything You NEED To Know

This Visor thing looks like a scam to me. There are a few things that really concern me.

  1. The design is just too flashy and not practical.
    Of course it’s good if a headset’s design is cool, but usually for a first-gen headset, they need to get all the things work. So they don’t look that good. Just take a look at the prototype development of Meta Quest, or take a look at the various prototypes in CES shows. They don’t look this good in the beginning.
  2. This headset need to achieve a lot of things, yet the form factor seems not possible.
    Like the 4K OLED screen requires pancake lens, and the pancake lens are not this slim. Not even Meta can do it like this Visor. Then the battery size should be a big problem, because I cannot see how they managed to put an adequate battery on the frame.
    Hand tracking, eye tracking, and 6 DOF requires Qualcomm chip and depth sensor. Qualcomm chip need active cooling. So I can’t see how they managed that either.
  3. What’s that 5+ screens means? 5 virtual desktop ? Also the 100 degree FOV is horizontal or diagonal ? It’s very unclear about those specs.

Overall, I will stay away from such things. Things which look too good to be true, usually are not true.

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I think there are some reviews out there on Visor. but the price point didn’t seem that great.

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