LG wants to roast your retinas with its new 10,000-nit OLED panels for VR

Higher Res than AVP panels & twice the bits!

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Imagine if pimax gets these for the Crystal Super! The nits will definitely combat the low light efficiency of pancakes.

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ouch… xD I don’t know if i would want or even need this, in terms of brightness alone…? I’m happy with the brightness of the crystal or the quest 3.
but better resolution is a factor to which I always say “welcome!”. the bad with higher resolution: it needs to be powered by a really hefty powerful gpu :slight_smile: money money money…

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Well keep in mind that pancake lenses only allow approx 10% of the light from the panel. So max brightness around 1000 nits of the 10k and then reduce further as you cannot run at full brightness due to persistence

So will be brighter than AVP by up to 2x. But the big number doesn’t represent the value that will be seen by the end VR user.

aye… the pancake lenses… jep, of course; I wasn’t aware of them in this particular moment :slight_smile: I’m just too spoiled of crystals lenses so no other lens versions exist anymore in my universum xD :wink:

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