Pimax Crystal Beta Testers Apr/May 2023 Impressions

@SmallBaguette Unoxing.

Good timing I just posted a video:

Btw, still under NDA for another 3 weeks so can’t go into full detail until then. For now I’m sticking to videos as I can be sure the content in those doesn’t violate the NDA and after it’s up I will share all my thoughts etc. So far, overall, I will say it’s quite positive with some refinements it will definitely be my personal favourite and main headset. The most important thing though is to take opinions from multiple people and not just one. For reference, I don’t mind heavier or larger headsets while that would be a deal breaker for some, things like that I am referring to.

Oh and the chevron is no longer a sticker haha. It’s stuck on I imagine but it’s now a solid piece of plastic.


@Omniwhatever Impressions & Tests

Well, there’s sure a lot I missed here and some uh, interesting discussion. Figured I’d drop by with some of my impressions as a beta tester since not too many people have gotten extended time with the Crystal.

After some delay due to sorting some stuff out I can’t go into, I got my own video up for the Crystal now and gave some extended impressions of it, also tried out a couple things on camera. Some stuff certainly needs work and I can’t go into detail on everything about it due to NDA, but there’s also some pretty good stuff here even in its current state and I see a lot of potential, still have some pretty positive impressions even now but I’ll have to use it for a while before making too hard of an overall judgment, definitely still in the honeymood period of something shiny and new as it’s been so long since I’ve used a new headset. Shame that PR and company politics have been so messy up to this point.

@JameJame & @drowhunter care to add your impressions here when ready? Thanks


I have a whole write-up in the works.

But I will say the clarity is on another level & I have no issues with the FOV it’s larger than quest 2 for sure.


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Says his Crystal review inbound.



Copy of Crispycheezus Post"

Hi everyone. I am one of the very few testers in the world to have received their Pimax Crystal early. I am willing to open an AMA to help answer anyone’s questions regarding this headset and to further assist with a purchasing decision.

I would like to note as well that I am still under NDA, so not all topics can be discussed but I’ll do my best to answer most questions the way I can. Other things to note is that my unit may be different from the other testers so my experience is not reflective of the whole team. This is my own personal opinion from my own experience testing the unit.

I will be keeping this AMA open for as long as I can continue answering questions.

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VR Flightsim Guy

Thank you for adding Cheezus Crisp’s impressions.


VrFlightsim Guy

I meant to post this here myself! I’m tied up with my work schedule! Thanks :slight_smile:

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My apologies. Will be more patient. That being said nice review. How do you like thr pulsating youtube flair?

What do you think of a Youtube Category with maybe using Youtube Channel as Tag? See post on MrTV Crystal videos.

lol no its all good!

I like it, it looks cool :slight_smile:

I think maybe that’s an interesting idea, sure. I’d be interested in it certainly.

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For Standalone Mode Sounds like maybe Snapdragon Game might be something to help maybe Qualcomm headsets and Handhelds.

GSR similar to FSR likely in part based on due to GpuOpen

@Omniwhatever update on DMAS Audio.

This is really great news!

Great news, didn‘t expect them to improve it noticeably.

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Well I knoe Cheezus crisp was really on them abd might be related in part with his feedbacks on what they were doing wrong. From mu understanding he is a real audio nut.

So for him to give it a rav review is impressive as he really slammed the 8kX 2706 as being crappy with there “improvements”.

Great to see them actually take and utilize feedback.

Update from CrispyCheezus:

Hi everyone, progress update on the Crystal. On the 28th of April, testers received 3 updates for the Crystal. Headset firmware, Controller firmware, Pimax client beta.

The update targets several things. Audio, Motion blur, Tracking and Software stability. These improvements are REVOLUTIONARY.


Lets get the elephant out of the room here. How does it sound. Is it better than the Index? Are there any weird bugs?

I’m gonna put it up front right now. The Crystal officially now has the BEST sounding audio solution of any VR headset on the market. It is better than the Index, it is better than any other attempts Pimax has made, or any other on-ear solution/crappy headstrap audio that competing companies have used.

The Crystal has superb audio. The soundstage is very wide. Imaging is excellent. Tonality is well balanced with great details on the highs and a pleasant mid-range. The bass is tight and well presented but follows a flat target(Diffuse field). Some people may find the bass lacking, but reports from other testers shows it handles bass boost EQs well. Against the Index, the Crystal is clearer and more precise while making the Index sound muddy and boomy. Fitting for its name.

The Crystal will be the first S tier ranking audio solution that I am willing to give. I do not hear the DSP artifacts that I hear with the Index, which is what Valve used to achieve its low frequency extension. Congratulations Pimax. I didn’t want to believe it, I was skeptical, but for the first time, I am genuinely blown away.

For context, I have very high-end audio equipment used as a reference. HE1000V2, HD800S, HD600 all powered by a Topping A90D D90 stack. In the scope of general audio equipment, the Crystal will not stack up as well. But in terms of VR headsets, it is top ranking. I would’ve included recordings, but a phone microphone does not do it justice…

This impression is only applicable to the DMAS. Running 100% Windows volume, 50% headset.

Other notes: The microphone is excellent. It is about on par with the Index, with previous issues such as popping or artifacting minimised enough that majority of my friends did not notice any issues. It’s ironically the clearest sounding microphone I have, and as someone put it, “The closest I’ve ever heard to how you sound IRL”. The 3 mic array is doing great cancelling out ambient noise and bleed from the headphones.


The Crystal’s tracking has improved significantly from the state it was. It went from “Acceptable” to “Good” and nearly “Excellent” against the Quest 2. It will NOT compete against the Quest Pro or LH tracking, as those solutions are more costly and are capable of headset-less tracking.

Jitter is barely present now and the tracking FOV range has drastically improved. I am now able to keep my hands by my side without losing tracking and movement is now more fluid. The Crystal still suffers from all the regular downsides to camera based inside-out tracking. But it is very usable and I’m sure most people would be satisfied with it. For those that need a more precise, free-feeling tracking, the upcoming LH plate is an option. I have included a high NPS Beatsaber video for your enjoyment.

Torturing Crystal Tracking


I’ve not been able to make a discernable different in terms of motion blur. The Crystal already had very minimal blurring so this might be beyond my ability to tell. Software worked flawlessly for me from the start, but it may better address issues that other people were facing.


The Crystal has come a long way. It is improving every week. There are still some issues to iron out but it’s shaping up to be an incredible, well-rounded headset. It might just be the first true upgrade Index users have been wanting. Expect great things guys. Because it’s coming soon.

Link to r/pimax


Pretty interesting to see those new updates, as well as the update of the Pimax homepage.Im Happy this things developing really , to be better ! Cant wait for the 12 k seeing this.

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Indeed they are really achieving something quite good with the Crystal; Though am quite curious why ET currently a no show.

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