PimaxPlay v1.17.01

Headaset Firmware: 1103
Controller Firmware: 0.3.38
Pimax Play: 1.17.01
Download Link: https://dlappstore.pimax.com/release/play/PimaxPlaySetup_Release_V1.17.01.15_202311091858.exe


1. Headset Power Led Reworked

- Blue light when headset is powered on.
- Green light when successfully connected to PC and functioning properly.
- Yellow light when headset is charging.
- White light when charging is completed.

AIO Mode
- Green light upon successful startup.

2. Dual Audio Mode
- Introduced dual audio mode “Low Latency” and “Standard”
- Enhanced the audio experience in low latency mode.

3. Microphone Audio Enhancement
- Addressed the issue of low microphone volume in several instances; VRChat, DCS and more.

4. Power Consumption
- Addressed 0915v power consumption issue.

5. Smart Smoothing bug
- Fixed the Smart Smoothing bug happened on 1.16 client.

6. 72Hz Refresh Rate
- Introduced 72Hz Refresh Rate


1. Room Settings - Disable Reminder Option
- Added an option in room settings to disable future reminders. Users can now choose note to receive certain prompts when launching PimaxPlay.

2. Added Game Import Feature
- PimaxPlay’s resource library now supports local game imports, allowing users to manually add games from their local computer for use with PimaxPlay.

3. Bug Fixed
- Fixed abnormal local dimming adjustments.
- Corrected issues with brightness adjustments.
- Resolved the bug causing PimaxPlay to show a DLL file in use prompt.
- Eliminated the white edge in the headset display.


- Optimized controller performance to reduce lag and eliminate static drift issue.
- Fixed the drifting issue when both controllers collided.
- Streamlined the controller OTA process by removing the shaking pop-up message before updating.
- Added a vibration alert when holding controller’s power button for 4 seconds.
- Implemented wake up feature upon headset startup.


- Fixed abnormal display (UI) bug with other controllers.
- Fixed controller jittering issue in Lighthouse tracking mode.
- Addressed the unresponsive volume button bug in Lighthouse tracking mode.

AIO Mode:

- Introduced local dimming feature to AIO mode.

Special Notes: Eye tracking Lisense update: The version before 1.16 client no longer supports eye tracking function after November 10, 2023. Please update in a timely manner.

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