Nov 2023 Official Updates

November 9

PimaxPlay v1.17.01

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November 9

Pimax Crystal 3D Printable model for modding

Posted By: @JaapGrolleman on r/pimac

After many requests from our :ani_discord: community , we’re happy to finally share the 3D printing files for the Pimax Crystal, both the headset, frontplate, and controllers. Many users would like to 3D print accessories so we’re happy to accommodate this.

Click the download links below, each includes an .obj and .stl and .stp 3D file.



Front FacePlate








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November 11

Pimax Crystal software improvements + Fast See-Through - pimax play 1.17

Posted By: @JaapGrolleman on r/pimax

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Finally I see that Crystal’s passthrough is indeed black and white.
IMO this is a big mistake. Simmers want color passthrough, not b&w. Soon they will find out that other headsets like Quest 3 are actually better choices for doing sims.
Picture quality is one factor. Able to see your instruments in color while flying is another huge factor. Too bad that even Crystal was designed for simmers, they didn’t realize that.

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Indeed. However had the cams been colour. There would be no need for an economical MR Face plate.

Pimax Crystal Teardown. How the Crystal is built differently & acheives highest clarity in Consumer VR.

How to setup Pimax Crystal - 8 easy Steps.

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