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1. Play without Parallel Projections Pi/WFoV 2

1. VR - Play Without PP!

Dec 8, 2020

By: honeybadger2000

You need to alter a configuration file in the rfactor 2 folder player.JSON, there is an option for the canted displays.

Excerpt from Rfactor 2 Roadmap

Feature we added is for users of the Pimax (and possibly other similarly constructed headsets). It allows you to enable or disable a specific projection mode that respects the orientation of the displays in the headsets. On the Pimax they are canted. Setting this feature, that for now needs to be changed in the player.json text file, to “1” enables this new option for Pimax. As a side effect, rendering on Pimax becomes roughly 25% more efficient, which is a nice bonus.

"VR IPD Scale": 1,
"VR IPD Scale#": "VR IPD Scale: Adjusts IPD distance
                 between eyes. 1.0 = default IPD 
                 distance, as reported by the HMD, 
                 below 1.0 = reduce, above 1.0 = 
"VR Projection Mode": 0,
"VR Projection Mode#": "VR Projection Mode: 0 = 
                 default, 1 = not in-plane displays

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