Rigid Headstrap from AliEx with Printed Speakers

Hey guys and girls,

I got this headstrap made for Quest 1 on AliExpress


I printed some hinges to make this fit

And it was great, confort is outstanding lol


so I had to add it speakers, I used the one I had on my previous Pimax 8k/5K+ headstrap with headphones upgrade by adonfff - Thingiverse
and voila :


As I noted in the post, I used drivers from cheap AE headphones and the sound is amazing, if the DAS as a 7/10, KDMAS a 7,5/10 (because of huge bass) this one is 10/10…hardly can be better.
Rubber bands are for maintaining pressure on the ears.

I will pack every files and put this on Thingiverse in case someone want try it out.
Edit : Rigid Headstrap for Pimax Headsets with Additional Speakers by adonfff - Thingiverse

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