Site Design Emoji Feedback

Fitts very well sometimes for Pimax ^^


So we should maybe Start a Trek Emoji Group? Ideas on adding others?

I believe that was why it was requested on OpenMR.

Also look over Custom Emoji on pinax discord @XabbuSwe has said he would share his pimax emoji. I don’t think it has support for animated ones here.

:ani_swirl: We can try a test on animated emoji.


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Discord :ani_discord:
Youtube :ani_y1:
Dancing Robot :ani_dance:
Flying Bird :ani_bird:
Flame :ani_flame:
Flame2 :ani_flane2:
Flying Money :ani_money:
VR :ani_vr2:

Great ! :ani_dance:

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Yeah if want any of the emojis or stickers from the Discord, or any of the original assets for them just give me a message


Sounds good I discovered Discord seems to have made it harder to view emoji without nitro fir sine of them. So might need you to post a ss.

Only the animated emojis are locked behind Nitro, rest should be free to try out in the Pimax server, including stickers. Just can’t use them on other servers without Nitro

But yeah here are the emotes, bottom greyd out are the animated versions of some of the stills

Edit: Here are the animated ones

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