Welcome Community!

Thank you all for joining. As I have PM/DM folks the XR Hardware and HW Help Categories are ready for use.

Please use Site Feedback to offer help with tsg systems for: Each main Category will likely have 2 Subcategories one for Help and the other a resource category. In XR Hardware we have Hardware Central that will contain maybe a set of rules, community links. Product links snd something else…

XR1 News! This Category Main container. What tags should be used? Should we have a couple of specialized Subcategories?

XR Software Maybe we could use tags like Linux, Open-source, xr-videoplayer? and…

3dprinters & Mods Does this Category seem good to have for 4dprint snd other diy mods? if yes recommended tags. Just keep in mind we want to keep things not too complicated.

Community Help thinking this could be a general. site help question. To help users with unterface etc… Tags would be handy. A Subcat could contain user how tos on interface etc… the Subcat would need tags to help sort this info. Help creating This documentation would be a boon

Site Feedback could likely use some general tags related to site ie ux, Dination with a Subcat that contains some useful links.



Topic Threads:
Op Responsabilities

1) Put care into creating Topics. ie no Trainwrecks or Topics designed to conduct attacks against individuals or organisations.

2) As the owner your topic; help keep your topic on track. If a member(s) goes off topic be polite and remind them of your topics purpose. If the member(s) continue to disrespect your topic request moderator involvement. ie @heliosurge with link to off topic post(s) & names of offenders. Now be fair & try to give them 2 chances to “get on topic”.

Topic Participants Responsibilities:

1) Respect the Op’s Topic & each other. Help the Op by offering a polite reminder to others when off topic.

2) Debate issues not people or organisations. Avoid accusations, insults, personal attacks. Debates can get heated which is fine but know your limits and take a break when needed.

Our forum has 4 tiers of Leadership:


  1. Site Admin (Top Level) :shield:
  2. Site Full Moderator :shield:
  3. Category Moderator Leader (TL4) :shield:
  4. Category Moderator :shield:

Site Admin & Full Moderators
Can perform Sitewide Silences & Bans.

Category Moderator Leader
Are divided into 2cmain groups. XRtropolis.one and Sponsors. Leaders are often Head Category Mod group Owners. They manage there mod group and if a Sponsor Category Mod may also be owner of a Sponsor’s community group and can kick a member out of there community temporarily or permanently(Sponsor’s discretion). Category Mods primarily manage flags in there category. They can request Admin & Full Moderator for support.

Category Moderator
Are divided into 2 main groups. XRtropolis.one and Sponsors. Category Mods primarily manage flags in there category. They can request Admin & Full Moderator for support.

Admin, Moderators & Category Mods

  • Give members a friendly reminder for those off topic
  • Admin, Full Moderators and Category Mod(Leader) Edit/Delete Posts that contain accusations, insults, personal attacks & offer a friendly reminder to respect one another. Take a screenshot of offence in case of dispute.
  • Category Mods if you need support check Who’s Online and use Chat/DM to Admin\Full Moderator.

Respect Showcased Communities

  • You must respect XRtropolis.one Rules as well as the Sub Community rules. If you break there rules they can kick you from there community.

Review Above and give feedback. We want to foster a positive community that we all want to have. Help shape this community to be our community.


I have enabled a new version of the main Theme: Air Lite(Beta) this removes the Topic excerpts for a more simplified topic listing and for now removed Locales selector(Need to see if it can be made Smaller). Separate Topics Excerpts add zon Enable in XR1 News! Guide Repository & Frontier News! Only.

Goto Preferences\Interface to Select it.

Mobile view


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Custom Emoji

We currently have some Custom Pimax Emoji

Under Pimax Logo in the Emoji Picker.

@Butters007 submitted this Trek Emoji on OpenMR and has been made an Emoji + Reaction there


Thinking should add here as Well. Any other trek emoji? Maybe a Gordi as he does have the visor.

Please Start a Topic in Site Feedback on Custom Emoji with ideas and submissions.


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A post was split to a new topic: Site Design Emoji Feedback

Added @Youtubers Group if you have a channel let me know.

You can Select Youtube Group Flair in your Preferences\Profile

After Selected

Thinking we can create a Special Category for Just Media Links for easy viewing then have an appropriate discussion linked topic.

Current Youtubers added to Group
@Ludiks @Omniwhatever @SmallBaguette @Finn

Anyone needing to be added let me know.

Discuss Here

Category & Tags Update

March 27, 2023

1. Added tags to Games

Also in XR Hardware I have started to implement tag descriptions. Need to look more into this feature.

2. Still Looking for suggestions for:

  • Maybe Windows, Linux, Android? Maybe could use same tags as Games with later adding Secondary tags? maybe Util, Videoplayer…

Maybe Xrtropolis, XR News…

Or should we have maybe 3 News Categories?
1…XR1 News - Info on site updates. Maybe 2 Tags Announcements, Digest

Seperate Category for Articles - Group could be used to extend this beyond staff. End of the Month add articles via outlet to there own Monthly Topic contsiner.

ie Several articles from RoadToVR moved/Compiled into March 2023, RoadToVR or…

Then of. course the Youtube Category need feedback on tags and if creating a monthly Youtube channel. First Post Would detail each post for that Month with quick link to said video.


April 3, 2023

Quick Update

  1. Fixed Emails:
  • Changed settings globally you will only receive email on XR1 News! category, PM/DM or at mentions. To receive email notifications on topics Goto preferences if you want to receive emails on all topics “Watched Category” if you only want certain topics choose “Watched Tags”
  1. Added new User Cards view.

  2. Without feedback on issues nothing will get fixed. I would like to thank those whom have taken time to give feedback. Especially on the email spamming issue